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What is the best vinyl record player 2020?

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Many people will use music to relax their nervous work nerves during their free time. Today, the most common way to listen to music is to open the music app on your smartphone, which has thousands of songs to choose from. Choosing a song that hits the heart and plays it in a loop is a very pleasant thing.

I believe that many audio source carriers such as magnetic tapes, CDs, and MP3s are very familiar after 80/90. So what do you think of vinyl records? It is estimated that many people label vinyl records as "collections of older generations of music enthusiasts", "literary youth playthings", etc. However, vinyl records still have a lot of features based on the characteristics of being able to output original sound, distortion-free music and beautiful sound Lovers. In order to pursue the nostalgic memories hidden deep in my heart, I also joined the "Vinyl Army" and started a Bigdreamaker vinyl record player - Record Player, Bluetooth Turntable (Analog & USB), Mahogany.


The price is not as expensive as imagined, cheaper than mobile phones.

In use, Bigdreamaker's vinyl record player is not limited to playing vinyl records. It also supports Bluetooth input, which is closely related to the way people use it. At the same time, the price is not as expensive as expected, the price of about 200 US dollars is relatively close to the people. Next, share the experience with you.

On the outer packaging, you can see the picture of the Bigdreamaker record player and its several features, such as support for Bluetooth and three speed adjustments. There is no need to elaborate on packaging, just unpack it.

 When unpacking, you can see that the manufacturer has done a very reliable protection and reinforcement treatment. Not only does the outer layer have a dedicated anti-collision buffer layer, but also a protective cushion layer between the dust cover and the fuselage, the protective measures are well done. The round black and white objects in the middle are non-slip mats that need to be placed on the turntable before playing the record.

Retro design, evokes nostalgic memories

While the majority of young people are pursuing the trend, many people want to get rid of "industrial reproduction" and choose products with a strong retro complex. A retro and solid appearance design is adopted, and the rough wood grain lines highlight the mottled and simple beauty. At the same time, it forms a different visual difference with modern-style household appliances, creating a pleasant atmosphere. This retro design has a classic beauty and charm, so that people can enjoy the memories of the past while enjoying the mood.
 record player Bigdreamaker

 Support Bluetooth, experience more variety

If you just use it as a record player, you may feel a little "waste". Bigdreamaker record player retains the original functions of the vinyl record player, and also adds the Bluetooth function,which greatly enhances the diversified experience.

Comes with dust cover, practical and beautiful

Fine dust has always been a problem in the cleaning process, especially for the more sophisticated products such as record players, it is also a headache to cover them with dust. Fortunately, Bigdreamaker record player comes with a transparent dust cover, the design effectively avoids the contamination of dust, very user-friendly. It is necessary to remind everyone that the opening and closing angle of the dust cover is about 60 °, and everyone needs to pay attention when using it.

Bluetooth Turntable


Support multi-speed switching

Direct-Drive Turntable with 33 1/3 & 45RPM speeds.Under normal circumstances, the speed of the vinyl record is 33 rpm, and of course some EPs or singles are 45 rpm. Since the 78-turn vinyl record can only record about 5 minutes of audio information on each side, the current usage rate very low. Bigdreamaker record player supports multiple speeds, which makes it more convenient to use, without so many limitations. In addition, the rotational speed of vinyl records is often marked on the record envelope, which can be adjusted according to the standard when used.

The various interfaces of the Record player are located on the back of the fuselage. User-friendly Vinyl-to-USB Recording: Transform your vinyl record to MP3 into USB for playback. No software/CD is needed for recording.

Record Player Mahogany

Simple to use and enjoy the auditory impact of original music

Bigdreamaker record player is very simple to use. After placing the record on the turntable, slowly raise the tone arm to place it in the desired position, and then lower the tone arm lift lever. I saw the moment of contact between the stylus and the record, the long-lost sound stimulated the ear cavity, and the whole process was very ceremonial.


 Listen to Adele "21", resonating with the rhythm of the song

What I share with you this time is "21", which is Adele's second album, and it is also a milestone for her to become a global superstar. If you can't remember who Adele is for a while, but if it comes to helping her hit the global "Someone like you", everyone will definitely be very familiar.

The fragments of Adele's "21" album are:

Rolling in the Deep
Rumour Has It
Turning Tables
Don't You Remember
Set Fire to the Rain
He Won't Go
Take It All
I'll Be Waiting
One and Only
Someone Like You
If It Hadn't Been For Love
Hiding My Heart

Take the song "Rolling in the Deep", for example, the melody is simple and varied, the rhythm is stable and the rhythm of Adele is broad and slightly hoarse. Under the play of Bigdreamaker, it is easy for people to resonate with the rhythm of the song, such a wonderful listening experience is absolutely everyone's need.

"Someone Like You" not only tells people the pain of falling out of love, but also tells people to be brave to pursue love, even if the love is broken in the end, it must be brave to go on. When playing "Someone Like You", the beautiful and sad melody was completely interpreted, and the presence was full.

Bluetooth Record Player | Turntable

Watching the record turn around slowly, and then release the music that is closest to the original sound and more infectious, it makes people feel warm. You can imagine: carefully put the record on the turntable, then raise the arm to position and gently put down, the classic music rotates long. This process is like a ritual, it allows you to focus on each action, calm down to feel the touch of music to you.

Today's young people are more particular about life style, and adding some "rustic" artworks to their homes might as well choose the Bigdreamaker vinyl record player. Putting the record player in the living room, bedroom, and study is very versatile, and it embellishes the home well, making the home full of artistic atmosphere. This kind of "literary art" is also not available in other electronic products. When my friends came home and saw the Bigdreamaker record player, they all praised it: "Very tasteful."

Write at the end

The above is the Bigdreamaker Record Player, Bluetooth Turntable (Analog & USB)-Mahogany experience to share with you. If young players want to simply understand and get in touch with vinyl and use it as a regulator in a fast-paced life, then BIgdreamaker vinyl record player is a good choice for novice players. Do you like it? Welcome to leave a message to discuss.


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