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  • Can you by-pass the pre-amp?
    • You do not have to use the built in preamp, there is an on/off button on the back of the turn table. If you turn the preamp off, you can plug the turn table into the actual PHONO stage of your integrated amp or receiver. This is how I am using it.

  • Can the usb out be used to go to a computer for the purpose of ripping to a hard drive?
    • Yes, the USB can be used in computer.Please purchase HP-H005 record player, HP-H003 turntable does not support connecting to a computer

  • Does this have wi-fi capability to sync with sonos
    • No it does not. This turntable is analog, i.e. RCA outputs and ground to an amplifier. It does not have wi-fi capability.But HP-H005 record player supports Bluetooth connection