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5.5/6 inch Cutting Thinning Styling Tool Hair Scissors Stainless Steel Salon Hairdressing Shears Regular Flat Teeth Blades

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Bullet Points:
1. Barber Scissors: The scissors are made of high-quality stainless steel. And the hairdressing scissors are made with precision cutters and premium cutting edges to trim hair, beards or beards evenly.
2. Fine Design: The ergonomic design reduces the excessive extension of thumb and wrist movements and relaxes the elbows and wrists. The salon scissors of such handles have the best ergonomic design.
3. Multifunctional Scissors: Scissors with finger rests are (about)6.0 inches long and scissors without finger rests are about 5.5 inches long. The professional barber scissors can be safely used by men, women, adults and children.
4. Perfect in Use: The scissors are designed for professional and personal use. Anyone can easily use this hair cutting scissors.
5. Excellent Gift: The scissors may be the perfect gift for your son, father, husband and friend on birthday, Thanksgiving, New Year or Christmas.
The hairdresser's hairdressing scissors are the excellent barber scissors, which are hand-made from Japanese stainless steel, and they feature the cutters for clean cutting, no damage to hair or split ends, and they help achieve perfect results every time.

Model: 6.0 inch hair cutting scissors, 5.5 inch thinning shear
Uses: beauty
Shape: straight
Material: stainless steel
Surface treatment: fine polishing
Full length: 175 mm/6.89in
Opening size: 70 mm/2.76in
Weight: 55 g
Handle material: 304
Blade length: 70 mm/2.76in
Cutting edge type: conventional type
6.0 inch hair cutting scissors
5.5 inch thinning shear

Packing List:
1 /2 x Hairdressing Scissors

Hairdressing scissors should be stored in a cool, safe and dry place without moisture, dust and cosmetics. Wipe the cutter regularly with a thin film of oil to prevent stains and corrosion. Do not store them with other tools or other scissors. After each use, store the scissors in a safe place to avoid accidents. Keep them out of the reach of children.
Professional hairdressing scissors are equipped with removable finger inserts. Therefore, if your finger is larger or smaller, you can adjust the opening as needed.

The cutters of the scissors are perfect for any type of wet and dry hair.