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800000 Flash Professional IPL Permanent Epilator Laser Hair Removal Painless Depilador For Women Facial Bikini Hair Remover 4546

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[IPL Technology] - Photorejuvenation technology is adopted for more thorough, smoother, and safer hair removal. No pain, harm-free experience.
[Skin Auto-induction Design] - Inset intelligent skin-sensor chip, this hair removal device is specially designed for sensitive skin.
[5 Energy Adjustment Design] - Multiple light energy choices effectively work for varied skin color and hair color. Automatic continuous flash is suitable for large-area hair removal as well.
[Dual Modes] - Slip mode and manual mode available. Slip mode is suitable for larger area hair removal (such as legs, arms and more), while manual mode is suitable for smaller areas hair removal (such as armpit, bikini area).
[800000 Flashes] - 800000 flashes available, this IPL hair remover is durable and economic using.
[Permanent Effect] - The IPL device flashes the hair away for more than 2 months. Continuous using of the device can not only remove hair, but also inhibit the growth of hair.
[Compact & Convenient for Using] - The handy size ensures convenient using, you can use the device at home for daily use or take it on the go.
Strong Functions:
hair follicle becomes inactive after being shined. Hair falls off with follicles atrophying. It further inhibits the regrowth of hair.
Smart sensor:
Before the operation, the device would automatically detect whether the skin color is suitable for hair removal operation. If not, there would be no further operation; if yes, the hair removal operation would be carried out. This is a considerate and intelligent way for secure using.
to protect skin, this device is not suitable for the following customers:
1) Who have unknown disorder.
2) Who have skin disease such as allergic dermatitis, eczema, etc.
3) Who have photosensitization.
4) Who are experiencing menstruation, pregnant, or lactation.
5) Who have sunburn.
6) who with broken skin, a scab or artificial wound, cancer or hemangioma.
Material: ABS
Input power: 36W
Input voltage: 100V-240V
Output voltage: 12V/ 2A adapter
Output frequency: 50/60HZ
Applicable part: All body
Gear: 5
Flash: 800000
Cable length: 1.8m
Product size: 14x8.5x4.8cm
Package Content:
1 x IPL hair removal device
1 x power adapter
1 x hair trimmer
1 x sunglasses
1 x manual